Friday, November 20, 2009

Mirasol modular color e-reader

Mirasol, a subsidiary of phone chipmaking giant Qualcomm, has been turning out tiny, clever colour screens for a while, but starting in the Autumn of next year, it’ll upscale its technology to 5.7-inch displays designed for e-readers. The display isn’t eInk, but a different technology that uses flexible membranes and a mirrored screen, which once set to a certain colour don’t need power to maintain. In other words, it allows for smooth colour e-reader displays without impacting battery life.

Mirasol’s screen isn’t backlit so is incredibly easy on the eye (221 dpi resolution), is full colour, and though the proof of concept here is a still, will even allow for 30Hz refresh rates – in other words, smooth video. Mirasol demoed video running smoothly on a smaller colour panel, and it was certainly watchable.

update: Video and more info can be found here:

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