Thursday, October 09, 2008

New display from E-ink: more flexbile than ever - October 08, 2008
E Ink announced general availability of its next-generation segmented display cells (SDC). The products are simple digit, icon and alpha-numeric displays, offering desirable readability in a paper-thin form factor that uses minimal battery power. The company asserts the new SDCs are 40 percent thinner with a wider operational temperature range and increased flexibility for repetitive 3-D bends or 2-D conformable solutions. Applications include consumer electronics, PC-accessory, display smartcards, capacity indicators, electronic shelf labels, signage and communications applications. The SDC displays use the same E Ink Vizplex technology that is shipping in popular electronic book devices. Three height levels are available, depending on backplane configuration: thin PET 330µ, PET 380µ or PI 375µ. PET options provide 200 µ design rules for the art work or space and trace of 8 mils by 8 mils. The finer pitch PI option uses 100µ design rules for 4 mils by 4 mils. Increased temperature ranges with operations from -10°C to 60°C, and storage from –25°C to 75°C. Organic non-rectangular unique shapes are possible, including holes, curves, and other non-standard designs.

E Ink