Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Samsung Exhibits Bend-resistant Flexible E-paper

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd exhibited a flexible color electronic paper display that uses carbon nanotubes (CNT) for the common electrodes at FPD International 2008.

The 14.3-inch display is 0.3mm thick and has a resolution of 1060 x 750.

The company employed CNT to prevent the performance degradation of the electrodes after the flexible e-paper is repeatedly bent. The resistance of existing transparent electrodes made of IZO and other materials increases after the display is repeatedly bent. On the other hand, the resistance of the CNT-based transparent electrodes "hardly increases even after the display is bent 100 times," a Samsung staffer said.

The CNT transparent electrode, which was developed based on Unidym Inc's technology, has a transmittance of 90% or higher and a conductivity of 1,700S/cm, according to the company.

For the drive circuit, Samsung used an amorphous Si TFT that was formed on a plastic substrate by utilizing a low temperature growth process below 130°C. The company combined the drive circuit with E Ink Corp's e-paper film.

The display has a reflectivity of 40%, a contrast ratio of 10:1 and a color gamut of 5% NTSC.

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