Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sharp showcases memory LCDs to compete with e-paper

Sharp is apparently looking to take a slice out of the dawning e-paper market by showcasing LCD displays that can keep their last shown images even when power is disconnected from them.

These memory type LCD panels were displayed at the FPD International 2008 and featured both 8-color and monochrome panels. The panels ranged in size from 1.7-inches to 14.1-inches and were said to use a cholosteric LCD material in order to pull off the memory function. Sharp, however, was silent on further specifications on how these LCD panels worked, but did remark that the power needed in order to imprint the data on the LCD panels was, “relatively large.”

Sharp explained that these memory LCD displays could be used for inventory tags, restaurant menus, and public signage, according to reports. In fact, Sharp is testing 2.4-inch and 1.7-inch monochrome LCDs in supermarkets in Osaka, Japan to display prices on products.

Additionally, Sharp did comment that these memory LCD displays are limited to indoor use only due to operational issues in hot or cold environments. It was also mentioned these new LCD panels with memory will be initially more expensive than standard LCD panels due to additional materials used in the manufacturing process.

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