Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Chip from Epson promises new capabilities for e-ink displays

Epson and its subsidiary, Epson Electronics America, have joined hands with E Ink, a developer of Electronic Paper Display (EPD) technology, to jointly develop display controller IC. This new controller has been designed to bring new capabilities for E Ink's Vizplex-enabled electronic paper displays.

EPD low-power consumption screen technology is driving new mobile applications like eBooks, eNewspapers, tablet PCs, laptop secondary displays, eNotebooks, and eDictionaries.

The new EPD controller IC (part number S1D13521B) combines technologies from both Epson and E Ink. It will be offered in production quantities by Epson and as part of E Ink's upcoming AM300 Broadsheet prototype kit.

It promises to speed up the user interface of EPDs via better navigation, drop down/popup menus, responsive cursors, and real-time keyboard entry. The controller enables the display to perform up to 16 tasks in parallel, and supports pen input devices for annotations and sketches.

E Ink claims future devices using this chip could offer a fast menu interface, simple animations, higher grayscale levels, and user input through typing and touch.

Samples of the Epson S1D13521B will be available in May 2008. Production quantities will be available in August 2008. Sample price is US $18.

E-Ink is also offering a Broadsheet AM300 prototype kit for engineers to develop next generation ePaper products. Compatible with different sizes of active matrix displays, it allows users to create functional, low profile product mock-ups.

The AM300 will be shipping in June. It can be pre-ordered at E Ink's website.

Via CXOtoday Staff

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