Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jinke V2 Eink device video

Video of a demo version of the Jinke eink device, by THJahar available at YouTube

You can check more about the device at Jinke or see related stories here at PaperGadgets weblog: Jinke New eBook Device

Dimensions: 194mm(L)*133.6mm(W)*13.4mm(H)
Main Display: ePaper (Eink technology) 6 Inch 800*600 pixel 4 greyscale
Slave Display: STN 254*96 Pixel
Storage: 64MB Nand Flash ,SD/MMC card(Support 1GB capability )
Weight: 290g(Include battery)
Battery: Li-ION 760mAH
Input: Key, Touch Panel (only slave display)
I/O: USB1.1
Working Temperature: 0¡æ¡«40¡æ
Keeping Temperature: -20¡æ¡«55¡æ
Function: MP3 Player
Format Support: PDF Viewer, WOLF Viewer(WOLF File Format:convert from txt,htm,DOC ,PDF,Excel,PPT,Images,mp3 ets),HTML Viewer,TXT Viewer
Hardware: CPU:Sumsang Arm 9 200Mhz, SDRAM : 32M Bytes,SD(MMC)IO
Software: LINUX OS

Interesting FAQ about the Jinke V2
Can V8 and V2 support OEB format?
A:V8 can't support OEB format. We will think about supporting OEB format in next generation of V2.

What's the price of V8 and V2?
A:The suggested retail price of V8 is 299 USD. V2 is 349 USD.

When will the V8 and V2 be released?
A:V8 has been sold. The consumers of Chinese Mainland can buy it from the agency or order it online. The samples of V2 will be available by the end of June of 2006.

How to buy V2?
A:You can order it online or buy it from the agents.

Where can I buy V8 and V2?
A:You can order V8 from agencys in China or online order.
V2 focuses on European and American markets, after it releasing, we will offer a global agent list to the consumers.

Do V2 and V8 support RTF, DOC, PPT, and XLS files?
A:Wolf printer is software, which can convert RTF, DOC, PPT, and XLS into WOLF format. Then these files can be read in V product. Wolf printer will be offered with the V product.

Can V model work while charging? And Can it be long time charged?
A:V model can work while charge and it can be long time charged. Battery fully charged need three(3)hours.

What kind of battery does V model adopt? How long the battery last after charging?
A:V model adopts rechargeable battery. It can support the power for turning not less than 8000 pages; music playing for up to 10 hours.

Can V2/V8 play music while an ebook reading?
A:Yes, V2/V8 can play music while you are reading an eBook.(except audio eBook).


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