Friday, September 29, 2006

Sony Reader now available

Finally, you can buy the Sony Reader for $349,99 at Sony also launched the Connect site were ebooks for the device can be bought. Here is the official press release anouncing the store:

"Sony Connect ® will support the launch of the Sony Reader by providing an online store integrated into an easy-to-use desktop application called the Connect Reader. The software will allow users to search and browse through thousands of downloadable eBooks, manage purchased eBooks and easily transfer them to the Sony Reader device. At the outset, the Connect Store will offer a broad selection of fiction and non-fiction, bestsellers, well-known authors, classics and more, with rich descriptive content in the form of author biographies, expert book reviews and reader commentary.

Additionally, the Connect Store will offer online content sourced via RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

"Reading books is a vital part of the overall reading experience, which also increasingly consists of written content from online news sources, blogs and other forms of web content," said Lee Ali Shirani, vice president of Sony Connect. "Connect will allow users to take eBooks, news feeds and other online media and enjoy that portably, thereby making the Reader the portable device for all things text."

Read the complete text.
Cnet story on Connect: Sony to launch Web bookstore, e-book device


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although the ebook is "launched" and available for viewing at SonyStyle stores, it is not yet available to purchase. The website indicates that the product is not available for immediate shipment due to "unexpected demand." My own order, which was placed about 24 hours after the ebook theoretically became available, is not scheduled to ship out until early December. I am sure that there is a fascinating story about a marketing blunder behind this.

7:04 AM  

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