Friday, April 21, 2006

Jinke New eBook Device

Download User Manual with Technical Specifications PDF

Tianjin, China and Cambridge, MA, USA -Tainjin Jinke Electronics Co., LTD,
a leading eBook device developer and anufacturer in China, announces the worldwide launch of their Hanlin eBook V series, which features an electronic paper display from E Ink Corporation.

The worldwide release of Jinke's V series follows the successful Asian launch of the Hanlin eBook series over the past four years. The V series Hanlin eBook offers easy operation, low power consumption and a unique design of double displays, with all the benefits of an electronic
paper display and a weight of 290g. The main display, which utilizes E InkĀ® Imaging Film, is 6 inches diagonal and supports 4-levels of grayscale. The smaller LCD slave display integrates a touchscreen to support editing and marking. This revolutionary design satisfies not only the requirement of high-resolution reading, but also realizes the more interactive functions customers have requested. The V series will support a variety of content services including eBooks and eMagazines, as well as user dictated content, such as internet files, and the users own computer documents.

Within the V series two eBook Readers will be offered, the V8 and the V2. The V8 will run on WOLF OS, supporting Chinese languages, and is expected to be available for purchase in January, 2006. The V2 will run on Linux OS, and will be launched worldwide in May,2006.Both models are compatible with SD & MMC cards, and contain a USB port and an internal MP3 player.

The main display of both V series products feature a display using E InkĀ® Imaging Film. E Ink's electronic ink technology creates an image that looks like a printed page from all angles and maintains the same contrast ratio under all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. The absence of a backlight allows for a reading experience similar to that of ink on paper and the display uses up to 100 times less energy than a standard liquid crystal display (LCD), so product designers can shed weight and greatly extend battery life.

Please visit Jinke's website at
for sales and product specifications.


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