Friday, April 21, 2006

Fujitsu working on E paper

Fujitsu is developing its e-Paper similar to an electronic newspaper. The format is like a paper sheet that allows the user to be online anywhere and anytime. Their e-Paper is flexible, low weight, consumes less energy, and displays sharp colors.

Fujitsu claims, "Imagine going to your local train station; instead of large paper posters, the train time tables are shown on large electronic paper displays that wrap around the columns of the platform. Before getting on the train, you download the day's news from a vending machine and read it on your ultra-thin, film substrate-based e-Newspaper. It is much like a traditional newspaper except that instead of throwing it away after reading it you simply update the content next day."

Other uses may include pricing sign systems for retail goods that could change prices instantly; and e-Paper date displays in conventional wrist watches, etc.

Via Postcrescent


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