Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Full colour e-papers could hit the streets in 2 years

Whilst first versions of the epaper have been prodiuced to give black and white content, Mike Nelson, general manager of sales for Fujitsu Europe said that full colour epaper is possible in two years.

It makes sense that new technology moves more towards consumer demand – and that appears to be full colour content. Many newspapers are moving towards full colour versions, particularly in the UK.

Nelson spoke to Journalism.co.uk at the conference saying: "All the print media has moved to colour. When you read your newspaper its in colour. I don't believe the industry will accept going back to a black and white format just to embrace the new technology.”

He went on to say: "It's probably two years away before we can get the screen manufacturing technology up to scratch for an A5 or bigger size in colour. That is when we can talk about distributing magazines and so forth on it."

The way to make a success of this market is through a collaboration. It's not just a product market where we make the screens and someone else integrates than and sells them to a third party who distributes media on them."

Much better to have all the elements of that business together from the start to make sure the end product and the end distribution is viable."

Source: Journalism.co.uk


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